R206. Doc Photo AUSTRIA, 1898 high school diploma from Smichov (in Czechoslovak terrritory), franked with 30h document stamp. $ 6.75
R182. Doc Photo AUSTRIA, 1931 invoice from Vienna with 1925 issue 50gr document stamp tied by merchant's cachet. $ 4.25
R128. Doc Photo AUSTRIA, 1958 passport page with 3 Goldkrona consular stamp tied by Berlin, Germany delegation cachet. $ 9.50
R275. Doc Photo AUSTRIA / CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1858 baptismal certificate from Zasovice. 15kr Austrian revenue stamp tied by m/s. Church cachet at bottom. $ 7.00
R264. Doc Photo AUSTRIA / CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1861 baptismal certificate from Luschne (Dobrné) with Austrian document stamps tied by m/s. $ 7.00
R298. Doc Photo AUSTRIA / CZECHOSLOVAKIA, two page 1878 legal document from Benesev with 50kr document stamp on front page and 36kr on second page (both 1877 issues). Second revenue stamp is cropped and superimposed on the front page in the scan. $ 7.00
R280. Doc Photo AUSTRIA / CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1896 marriage certificate from Poruba with 50kr Austrian revenue stamp tied by m/s. $ 6.50
R234. Doc Photo AUSTRIA / CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1911 invoice from Kostelec nad Orlici with 10h Austrian document stamp tied by m/s. $ 7.00
R33. Doc Photo AUSTRIA / ITALY, 1930 check drawn on a U.S. bank in favor of a Trieste company. Austrian 20 Gr. and Italian 20 c. fiscal stamps pay transit and pay-out fees. Both sides are scanned. $ 6.00
R232. Doc Photo BANGLADESH, 1993 bill of exchange from Dhaka with horizontal strip of six revenue stamps tied by bank's cachet on reverse. Both sides are scanned. $ 5.00
R320. Doc Photo BELGIUM, 1907 marriage certificate from Uccle (Ukkel) with 50c imprinted document stamp including bilingual (French/Flemish) records of the children of the issue and lists of various civil regulations. It's a hardbound booklet of 16 pages with cover and main page scanned. $ 10.50
R134. Doc Photo BELGIUM, 1951 bank draft with 10F document stamp tied by bank's cachet, issued at Brussels. $ 3.50
R304. Doc Photo BOHEMIA / MORAVIA, 1941 marriage certificate from Hranice with 1929 issue 5K document stamp tied by m/s. $ 7.50
R297. Doc Photo BULGARIA, 1923 certificate from Sophia with 3L document stamp tied by institutional cachet. $ 6.50
R301. Doc Photo BULGARIA, 1926 promissory note from Sophia with 10L document stamp. $ 7.50
R201. Doc Photo BULGARIA, 1927 document: verification of employment, issued by the Metalworkers/Machinists Guild in Sofia. 5L document stamp tied by cachet. $ 7.50
R266. Doc Photo BULGARIA, 1944 certificate from Burgas with 10L document stamp. $ 6.50
R122. Doc Photo BULGARIA, 1946 court document regarding residency qualifications, with 3 document stamps tied by court cachet. $ 6.00
R131. Doc Photo BULGARIA, 1947 invoice from Sofia. Revenue stamps in the value of 7.20L tied by m/s. $ 6.75
R205. Doc Photo CANADA, 1917 2˘ Admiral stamp franked promissory note from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. $ 5.50
R216. Doc Photo CANADA, 1923 insurance company receipt from Regina, Saskatchewan with 2˘ war tax stamp tied by company cachet. $ 4.25
R129. Doc Photo CANADA, 1924 insurance premium receipt from Moose Jaw, Sask., with 2˘ excise stamp tied by m/s. $ 4.25
R225. Doc Photo CANADA, 1926 telegram transmitted by the "Canadian National Telegraph & Cable Company" from Vancouver, B.C. to Vancouver, Washington. "Telephoned" label attached to front. $ 3.25
R136. Doc Photo CANADA, 1930 four page notarized financial agreement with Quebec Law and Registration stamps, used in Montreal. $ 9.00
R300. Doc Photo CANADA, 1936 registration clerk's abstract with $1.00 Saskatchewan law stamp from Yorkton. $ 3.00
R221. Doc Photo CANADA, 1940 multipage probate document with $1.00 B.C. Law Stamp tied by Victoria court registry's cachet. $ 6.75
R328. Doc Photo CANADA, 1941 York County (Ontario) surrogate court document with $2.00 law stamp tied by perfin cancel. $ 5.00
R306. Doc Photo CANADA, 1945 notarized loan agreement from Pointe-Claire, Quebec with provincial law and registration revenue stamps. $ 7.00
R279. Doc Photo CANADA, 1948 telegram transmitted (and telephoned) by "Canadian Pacific Telegraphs" from Edmonton, Alberta to Vancouver, B.C. $ 3.00
R34. Doc Photo CANADA, 1960 probate document from the Chilliwack Registry of the Supreme Court of B.C. $2.00 Law stamp tied on front. $ 7.50
R245. Doc Photo CANADA, 1967 probate document from the Courtenay Registry of the Supreme Court of B.C. $2.00 law stamp tied on front. $ 7.50
R210. Doc Photo CANADA, 1978 contract with van Dam #BCL57, a $10.00 Law stamp tied by Victoria Registry cachet. $ 6.50
R251. Doc Photo CANADA, 1981 Chattel Mortgage with van Dam #BCL65, a $15.00 Law stamp tied by Victoria Registry cachet. $ 20.00
R13. Doc Photo CANADA, 1989 migratory bird hunting permit, issued in Richmond, B.C. with conservation stamp affixed. $ 5.00
R173. Doc Photo CHINA, two color revenue franking on 1931 receipt (for inks and woodblocks) from hardware store. $ 8.00
R180. Doc Photo CHINA, 1946 receipt from Shanghai with $3600 value document stamps tied on reverse. Both sides are scanned. $ 6.00
R149. Doc Photo CHINA (R.O.C.), 1967 foreign currency exchange receipt from Taipei with 0.30 document stamp tied by tax chop. $ 5.00
R148. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1909 invoice from Pardubice with Austrian issue 2h document stamp tied by m/s. $ 7.00
R161. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1909 invoice from Hradec Králová with 2h 1898 issue Austrian document stamp tied by m/s. $ 7.00
R325. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1929 two page legal document (debtor's bond) with mixed issue franking of 100 and 1K revenue stamps on front and additional 3K stamp for registration fee on the inside (two scans). $ 8.75
R332. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1933 invoice from Prague factory with 20h imprinted revenue stamp. $ 6.50
R299. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1935 invoice from Kosice with 1919 issue 10h document stamp. $ 6.00
R197. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1935 promissory note from Policka with 4K imprinted document stamp. $ 5.50
R163. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1937 invoice from Kladno with 1919 issue 20h document stamp tied by merchant's cachet. $ 7.00
R240. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1938 promissory note from Prague with 8K imprinted document stamp. $ 5.50
R250. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1939 invoice from Prague with 1938 issue 50h document stamp tied by merchant's cachet. $ 7.00
R252. Doc Photo CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1939 photo dealer's invoice (for film and development) from Prague with 1938 issue 50h document stamp tied by merchant's cachet. $ 7.00
R143. Doc Photo DENMARK, 1925 invoice from Randers with two (9K and 20 öre) "Factura Stempel" tied. $ 6.50
R212. Doc Photo DENMARK, 1928 invoice from Randers with 4K "Factura Stempel" tied by merchant's cachet. $ 6.50
R191. Doc Photo DENMARK, 1937 invoice from Kjøbenhavn with 10K, 2K and 60ř "Factura Stempel" tied by merchant's cachet. $ 6.50
R284. Doc Photo DENMARK, 1944 invoice from Aarhus with 20K, 3K and 30øre document stamps tied by merchant's cachet. $ 6.75
R179. Doc Photo DENMARK, 1954 two page insurance policy from Varde with two 60 řre document stamps tied by m/s. $ 6.75
R126. Doc Photo DENMARK, two page 1956 fire insurance policy with two document stamps tied on front. $ 6.00
R322. Doc Photo ECUADOR, 1957 postal money order, for funds sent from Cuenca (Azuay) to Ibarra (Imbabura). Mixed franking of postal and revenue issues on reverse. Both sides are scanned. $ 4.50
R49. Doc Photo EGYPT, multifranked 1982 cargo origin document issued at Paris, France by the Egyptian Consulate. $ 8.50
R331. Doc Photo EGYPT, 1988 waybill accompanying shipment from Köln, Germany to Cairo. On reverse is the signature verification stamp of the Egyptian embassy in Bonn with two consular cachet tied revenue stamps. Both sides are scanned. $ 5.50
R102. Doc Photo EGYPT, 1989 shipping document. Origin of goods (from Aberdeen, Scotland to Alexandria, Egypt) are certified by the Consulate of Egypt at London, England. Revenue stamps tied by m/s on reverse. $ 5.50
R272. Doc Photo EGYPT, 1989 shipping document. Origin of goods (from Lemgo, West Germany to Cairo, Egypt) are certified by the Consulate of Egypt at Bonn, West Germany. Revenue stamps tied by consular cachet on reverse. $ 5.50
R208. Doc Photo ENGLAND, 1921 stockbroker's document from London with 1Sh contract stamp tied by m/s. $ 4.50
R116. Doc Photo ENGLAND, 1928 bank draft executed at Berlin, Germany for the Anglo-French Banking Corporation in London. 3 shilling and 1 Pound foreign bill stamps tied by cachet and "UDCo.Ld" perfin. $ 10.25
R329. Doc Photo ENGLAND, 1947 National Registration Temporary Identity Card (no revenue stamp). $ 3.50
R84. Doc Photo ENGLAND / SCOTLAND, 1909 insurance premium receipt with 1p. imprinted revenue stamp. $ 4.00
R48. Doc Photo ENGLAND / WALES, 1929 receipt used in Pintypriod, Wales. 2 pence English postage stamp tied by m/s pays fee. $ 4.50
R32. Doc Photo ENGLAND / FRANCE, 1967 death certificate of a British subject in Nice, France. Issued by the British Consulate and franked with 5 shilling Diplomatic Service stamp. (Long document, scanned in two halves.) $ 7.25
R160. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1924 receipt with 50p document stamp tied from Tartu. $ 9.75
R94. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1925 receipt with 50 penni document stamp. $ 10.50
R29. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1929 receipt with 5 senti tempelmark used in Vohma. $ 14.75
R150. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1932 invoice for lumber. Three document stamps tied by Aoltveti district cancel. $ 13.00
R164. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1932 invoice from Tallinn with three revenue stamps tied on front by m/s. $ 12.50
R42. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1933 invoice with 10 senti revenue stamp. $ 12.50
R38. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1935 bank receipt used in Pärnu with revenue stamp tied on. $ 13.00
R78. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1938 insurance premium receipt with 10 senti revenue stamp tied by m/s. $ 12.75
R237. Doc Photo ESTONIA, 1944 multifranked German occupation era receipt from Tallinn with three revenue stamps tied by m/s. $ 8.75
R15. Doc Photo FINLAND, 1953 passport page with two 100M document stamps tied. Both sides are scanned. $ 5.75
R324. Doc Photo FINLAND, 1970 bus parcel card, accompanying shipment from Aula to Kuusamo. "Busspaket" fee stamps tied by receiving cancel. $ 3.50
R323. Doc Photo FINLAND, 1970 bus parcel card, accompanying shipment from Pohjola to Kuusamo. "Busspaket" fee stamps tied by receiving cancel. $ 3.50
R71. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1872 handwritten invoice with 10c. document stamp tied by m/s. $ 5.50
R193. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1870's itemized hotel bill from Paris with 10c document stamp tied by m/s. $ 5.00
R235. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1881 receipt from Paris with 10c document stamp tied by m/s. $ 3.25
R186. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1888 two page handwritten notarized real estate document from Bordeaux with 1.50F imprinted document stamp. $ 5.50
R170. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1892 mortgage termination document from Bordeaux with imprinted revenue stamp. $ 5.00
R175. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1901 illustrated promissory note from Paris with 5c 1892-1900 issue "Effets de Commerce" document stamp tied by A. le Vasseur & Cie cachet on front. $ 6.00
R123. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1905 promissory note issued at Lyon with 5c. document stamp tied by bank cachet. $ 5.00
R18. Doc Photo FRANCE, 1931 printer's bill with 25c. fiscal stamp. $ 4.75
R137. Doc Photo HONG KONG, 1990 stock transfer document with $99.00 worth of stamp duty revenue stamps tied on reverse by broker's cachet. $ 6.25
R248. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1897 receipt issued at Petrovaradin (Pétervérad, Croatia) with 7kr document stamp tied by m/s. $ 6.50
R333. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1913 two page manifest from Ujvidék (now Novi Sad in Serbia). 1903 issue 10f document stamp tied by m/s. $ 7.00
R215. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1915 receipt (with tag still attached) for telephone call placed from the Temesvár post office to Békéscsaba. (slight fading at top) $ 8.75
R242. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1916 invoice from grocery wholesaler in Vácz, franked with 1914 issue 10f revenue stamp. $ 7.00
R317. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1939 passport, with imprinted 50f document stamp, - issued at Pécs. $ 14.50
R241. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1941 real estate contract from Ujvidék (Novi Sad, Serbia) with tied 2P document stamp. $ 6.50
R88. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1960 slaughterhouse waybill used at Dormánd. 20Ft imprinted revenue on front and 2Ft 1957 issue document stamp tied on reverse. $ 7.00
R246. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1965 slaugterhouse waybill used at Mágocs. Three color revenue stamp franking with 20Ft imprinted revenue on front. Additional 2Ft document stamp on reverse. (shown cropped on the scan) $ 7.25
R39. Doc Photo HUNGARY, 1991 true copy certificate with two 100 Ft. document stamps used in Békéscsaba. $ 4.00



















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